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5 Things to Do While Waiting for the Ferry in Vancouver or Victoria


V2V Vacations Express boat docked in the harbour decorated with Aboriginal design

Daily departures of downtown Vancouver to downtown Victoria ferry operated by V2V Vacations provide tourists and locals with an effortless way to enjoy the coastal waters and access attractions on Vancouver Island. Sometimes people need to fill a bit of time while waiting for the ferry. A little downtime during an exciting day of sightseeing doesn’t have to be boring. You and your companions can use the following suggestions to get the most from every minute of your vacation.

  1. Treat Yourself to Breakfast Out in Vancouver

The hotels and eateries near the V2V departure terminal at the Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre offer fine foods for hungry travellers. For example, the Giovane Cafe + Eatery + Market in the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel is open for early breakfast. After perking yourself up with premium coffee and baked goods, shop for local items at the gift boutique.

  1. Catch Up on Text Messages and Email

If you’re not inclined to unplug from digital life on vacation, use your spare time before a ferry ride from Vancouver to Victoria to check messages. Send a selfie to your friends and relatives or compose an email that describes what you’ve seen so far on your trip.

  1. Play Games With Your Companions

Keep a notepad and pen in your bag so that you can play games like hangman or tic-tac-toe with companions. This is especially helpful if you have kids in your group, but adults appreciate good old-fashioned analog diversions as well. If you don’t have paper, a few rounds of “I spy” will pass the time, too.

  1. Bird Watching

Many birds call the diverse coastal habitat of British Columbia home. A pocket guide to birds or a bird watching phone app will help you identify species. See how many different birds you can spot before boarding the V2V cruise from Vancouver to Victoria.

  1. Review Photos on Your Phone

By the time you’re waiting for your return ride on the Victoria to Vancouver ferry, you’ll likely have plenty of new pictures on your phone. Find and organize your favourite shots taken while touring the Southern Gulf Islands or visiting landmarks in Victoria. You can delete the images that didn’t turn out so well too.