We welcome you aboard the V2V Family. Together we will create memorable experiences through an inspiring connection of people, places and moments.

V2V is a premium cruise service connecting downtown Vancouver and downtown Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.

The V2V Empress experience places travellers in a premium and highly personalised journey focused on guest comfort and convenience, while providing them with the opportunity to spend the voyage learning about the rich culture in the region. Guests can taste local flavours through the on-board menu featuring foods and beverages from the region.

The voyage on our 242-passenger high-speed catamaran, V2V Empress, takes less than three hours and thirty minutes between Victoria and Vancouver and features a concierge service to allow guests to make bookings from our exclusively curated list of cultural and authentic attractions at both destinations. Passengers are also invited to the upper outside deck to enjoy a spectacular 360-degree view.

The V2V Empress is wheelchair accessible and equipped with ergonomic leather seating with the convenience of USB ports and power outlets included for every seat.



The concept for V2V was envisioned by our CEO, Hume Campbell, and his wife Rowan Campbell. Being lovers of the sea, they longed for an easily accessible way to get directly to beautiful Victoria from Vancouver without sacrificing the ocean experience.

The waters of southwestern British Columbia are some of the most spectacular in the world and the V2V experience aims to showcase this stunning corner of the world with unparalleled commitment to service and luxury.

The Riverside Coal Transport Company 1926
V2V Vacations Campbell Family

Many years ago, fast vessels were called “Clippers”. They were three mastered sailing vessels. “The Empress” is a twin hulled catamaran plying between Victoria and Vancouver. She could be called “The Empress Clipper”. She is fast, comfortable, and convenient, serving the communities in both Victoria and Vancouver.

V2V was incorporated three years ago in 2015. V2V is the youngest in our fleet of companies owned by the Campbell Family which its principal company, The Riverside Coal Transport Company Pty Ltd, opened in 1926.

Norman C. Campbell (pictured left) – Founder of The Riverside Coal Transport Company Pty Ltd. Established 3rd November 1926. Captain Kenneth C. Campbell (Pictured above, next to him is his wife Mina) built the company into the next phase after 1945. The 3rd generation of the Campbell Family, Hume K. Campbell is now CEO overseeing all operations.






As General Manager, Julian is responsible for all facets of V2V Vacations and for its future growth and expansion. In Julian’s words: “I am supported by a wonderful team who have expertise in each key area of the business. With their capabilities, V2V is set up for success and my prime responsibility is to enable the growth and the development of the business and the team.” 

Julian is driven by our value ‘we are all in’. Watching a team work for each other to perform at their best is the most rewarding for him. Converting that teamwork to the business of cruising the coast in style between downtown Vancouver and downtown Victoria will unlock the success of V2V. 

Prior to his leadership role at V2V Vacations, Julian worked as Commercial Manager of RiverWijs, a division of our parent company Riverside Marine Group, based in the West Coast of Australia. RiverWijs provides terminal towage to an Australian Oil and Gas company. 

Having recently relocated to Vancouver from Australia, Julian is looking forward to getting back into a regular routine of cycling and sailing but also adding in skiing and hiking.  




Paul is responsible for all things brand and marketing, developing the marketing strategy that will, in turn, build longevity for V2Vs product through the delivery of compelling marketing campaigns and tactics.  Working in tandem with the product and sales teams to better understand our customer needs and create tangible product and package offerings that will drive revenue for the business.  Paul’s work also ensures our brand platforms and creative are consistent with our USPs and brand promise.   

Driving successful brands to deliver on their KPIs is extremely important to Paul.  He sees himself as a bit of a marketing geek and appreciates the insights that research and customer insights afford.  Brand isn’t all about a logo, its much deeper than that, and the work he undertakes at V2V will guide the company’s brand voice and standards. 

After more than 12 years, working with some of the largest and most prestigious destination marketing organisations, Paul has made the switch back into a commercial environment.  Having honed his marketing skills with Destination Canada, he went on to lead the European efforts for Destination NSW and most recently led the marketing, communications and travel trade teams as CMO with Destination Greater Victoria. 

Paul calls Victoria home and his island paradise.  He settled in the unparalleled city on the edge of nature, surrounded by the Salish Sea in 2017.  Life for Paul consists of constant renovations to his Victorian home, gardening, cycling and running.  Here’s to completing the next half marathon in Victoria! 




Ian is responsible for the safety and effective operation of the vessel. He manages the crew training, regulatory bodies, and safety management systems for V2V Vacations.

Ian has lived and worked on the BC coast since 2017 prior to that he lived in Ontario. Ian is passionate about this commitment to the highest standard and practices in safety, training and maintenance. He also truly enjoys the team’s focus and attention on the many details of an exceptional guest experience.

Prior to his role with V2V, Ian spent several years working as a Marine Engineer in the Great Lakes and the St Lawrence seaway.  Ian’s previous position was in the Canadian Arctic as a Chief Engineer on a support vessel for a mine on Baffin Island. This role allowed Ian to be part of setting the standards on how to provide quality of life, maintenance standards of vessels and safety for sailors within the Arctic environment.

In his spare time, Ian enjoys spending time with his family, exploring the greatness British Columbia has to offer.




David is committed to providing exceptional guest service and finding innovative solutions, while striving for a sustainable product that shows off the spectacular nature of the coast of British Columbia.

Hiring, training and management of the onboard team, including all food and beverage, and touch points from start to finish of the guests journey onboard the V2V Empress, are his focus.

Prior to joining the V2V team, David has enjoyed the last 30 years in the hospitality and tourism industry. Some of the highlights include 12 years with the award winning luxury train, ‘The Rocky Mountaineer’; sailing the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas with Princess Cruise Lines; and managing an array of restaurants and bars around the world, including during the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

He can be found spending his down time trekking the world, seeking new culinary delights and challenges, such as his recent trip to Namibia, in Africa, where he climbed Dune #29, the tallest sand dune in the world. He has travelled though 48 out of the 50 states of the United States, all 10 Provinces in Canada and over 36 Countries.




As Sales and Guest Services Manager, Tanya supports her team in providing the best possible guest experience, right from the first point of contact through to the boarding process and welcoming you in destination. The best part of her day is seeing how much our guests have enjoyed themselves.

Tanya brings well over twenty years experience in wholesale, retail, airline and tour operations within the travel industry. Tanya believes that travel and meeting people from around the world is necessary in order to expand our horizons and enhance personal growth. The ultimate fulfillment in her career, however, has come from assisting team members thrive and grow in their own careers.

When not working, Tanya’s recreational passions run to anything to do with the culinary arts as well as enjoying the outdoors. In her eyes, perfection is camping with friends and cooking for them all weekend. Whilst Tanya knows that many people may find that strange, she is OK with that.

Stewart Turnbull



Stewart ensures that every V2V guest experiences seamless and exceptional service at our Victoria terminals when purchasing tickets, checking in, or boarding the V2V Empress.

He is passionate about making every guest smile and about always finding a way to make things easier, smoother and more welcoming for our guests. Seeing guests begin to relax into the V2V experience as soon as he starts to speak to them, is a fantastic reward.

Before joining V2V, Stewart was privileged to be at sea in the cruise industry for 16 years, with 10 years as a Cruise Director at Celebrity Cruises.

In his spare time, Stewart enjoys exploring all the beautiful parts of Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and working on perfecting his Victoria home. As a recent heart surgery patient, when participating in any fundraising events, Stewart’s charity of choice is the Heart and Stroke foundation of Canada.




Tianda is the Sales and Business Development agent in our Victoria office.  She helps V2V attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers through her passion for the company and her commitment to excellence in customer service.  She has a great sense of humor and a contagious smile which she shares with everyone she encounters. Tianda enjoys interacting with people from all over the globe and working at V2V combines her love for the ocean and passion for people into one. 

Originally from Saskatchewan, Tianda moved to Vancouver Island in 2010 and immediately fell in love with the West Coast. Tianda joined the V2V team in 2018 after completing a university degree at the University of Victoria and a post degree in human resource management and leadership from Camosun College in Victoria. Tianda worked at a shoe store during her studies, which is where she discovered her love for sales (and for shoes!).

In her spare time, Tianda enjoys watching live theatre, making crafts, and camping on Vancouver Island. Tianda wants to face her fear and give stand-up comedy a try, but until then, you can see her live in the Victoria terminal.




Pascal started to work at V2V in 2017, at the business launch, with the sales and reservation team. Since then he has been adding business development to his duties, working closely with hotels and other affiliates in the Vancouver region, as well globally on different markets.

Pascal has been thriving working in this proactive position, where a mix of skills is required in a middle-sized start-up. He enjoys having the opportunity to engage in different environments and connecting with others in the industry.

Originally from the south of France, after graduating business from English and Scottish universities, Pascal moved to New Zealand.  There he worked as a marketing and communication assistant manager for the Government of New Zealand as well as other previous diverse experiences in the hospitality and tourism world. These ranged from management in training programs, to luxury hotels and resorts across the planet.

Pascal moved to Canada three years ago, where he’s been enjoying the outdoors as much in the summers as in the winters, and spending his free time exploring the best restaurants BC can offer.




As an Onboard Service Manager, John is passionate about ensuring the experience of all guests is a memorable one, and in keeping with the standard of excellence that V2V strives to maintain day in, day out. When he’s not pointing out pods of orcas, or talking about the history of the region, John endeavors to create an atmosphere of comfort and community.

Before joining V2V, John worked for close to two decades in the restaurant industry. Most recently, John has spent the past four years working on the Rocky Mountaineer, leading thousands of guests from all over the world through the wonder and beauty of Canada’s Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountains.

“It’s an honor to be able to highlight what makes British Columbia so special, from the awe-inspiring nature, to the roots of the communities that call this place home.”




As a Guest Service Manager, Casey’s responsibility lies in ensuring the comfort and safety of the V2V crew and guests is met. She works closely alongside the host team on a daily basis, encouraging an outstanding service for the guests and creating an exciting and fun work environment for all.

Casey is beginning her marine career with V2V Vacations and is very excited to work with such a knowledgeable team. She is looking forward to seeing V2V grow and develop into a successful tourism experience, and very honored to be a part of the team!

Casey has spent the last 7 years working in the tourism and hospitality industry. She gained the majority of her experience working onboard the Rocky Mountaineer as an onboard host. She has also come from a background of working in remote tourism locations such as the polar bear season in Churchill Manitoba.

In her spare time, Casey spends her days beekeeping. She owns and operates two local beekeeping businesses producing local honey and local bee pollen.




Ensuring all guests receive an exceptional experience while travelling with us, is a top priority for Hope. She derives an immense amount of satisfaction supporting the V2V team in making every journey memorable and exciting for all guests onboard.   

Hope is excited to work for a company that values every member of its team and encourages everyone to be their best and do their best while still being able to have fun at work.

Hope has been working in the hospitality industry for more than 15 years. Her most recent job was managing a Bed and Breakfast in Point Grey. She enjoys the tourism side of hospitality because she gets to meet people from all over and show them what makes the west coast the best coast!

Always wanting to expand her horizons, Hope loves to travel and explore the world as often as she can.




Andrea is responsible for looking after the accounting and reporting functions of V2V Vacations, as well as providing financial and business support to the team.  There are a number of aspects she enjoys in her role here, such as; problem solving, analysing performance, and working with the team to continue to grow the company and ensure its success.

Previously, Andrea spent 8 years with the MIPEC Group of Companies, in Queensland, Australia, as their Group Accountant.  The majority of group operations were in marine services, and it was here that Andrea’s interest in working in the marine industry grew.

“I had the pleasure of experiencing first-hand the fantastic service on the V2V Empress and definitely recommend it to everyone.”

Since arriving from Australia, Andrea has been using her spare time to explore and experience all the amazing things British Columbia has to offer.


The V2V Victoria terminal and dock are located in the historical Steamship Terminal in Victoria’s Inner Harbour. Victoria’s harbour served as the gateway to western Canada from 1887 until 1974 with the stately Steamship Terminal built in 1924 transporting huge numbers of passengers and mail from Victoria to Hong Kong, with stops in Honolulu, Manila, Shanghai, Kobe and Nagasaki.


Our Vancouver dock and sales office are located on the waterfront with a spectacular mountain backdrop, by Jack Poole Plaza and the award-winning Vancouver Convention Centre, 1055 Canada Place. Our view offers one of the most beautiful settings in the world and convenient access to the Cruise Ship Terminal and all major visitor amenities in the Vancouver downtown core.

Donation Requests

Thank for your interest in V2V Vacations. Due to the large number of donation and sponsorship requests we receive, any requests must meet certain criteria in order to be considered:

  • Please allow at least 8 weeks between the date of your request and the date of your event.
  • V2V only considers requests from registered charity organizations in British Columbia.
  • V2V does not give donations to or will not sponsor political or religious organizations, for profit ventures or third-party fundraising efforts.
  • V2V supports one program per organization per year.
  • V2V must be acknowledged through signage and program mention and all material must be approved by V2V prior to the event.
  • V2V does not make cash donations.
  • All requests need to be submitted via form (see below).

Due to the high volume of donation requests that we receive, only those organizations whose request has been approved will be contacted. Please no phone calls. We wish you much success with your fundraising endeavors.

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